Risk Advisory

Identify your business risks and cover your assets and liabilities with our industry risk experts.

  • Gain a complete overview of your risk needs
  • Receive expert advice on appropriate general insurance products
  • Build a tailored asset protection strategy

Myssy + Co's risk partner specialises in helping SMEs like yours to identify, contain and cover their exposure to business risks. Some SMEs neglect insurance until it is too late, or are disappointed when claiming to discover that their cover is inadequate. 

Our risk team will work with you to establish a thorough understanding of your business risk profile and appetite, flagging any potential issues that may require mitigation strategies.

Our advisors will match your needs with offerings from stable, secure insurers and can suggest risk retention alternatives using excess optioning, and can service your general insurance needs.

Our risk team can help you with:

  • Risk needs analysis to establish significant risks and potential issues
  • General insurance advisory to meet your complete business insurance requirements
  • Monthly payments for premiums

Why Myssy + Co?

Our SME clients have made us their first choice because of our progressive, proactive approach and integrated service offering, aimed at tackling their whole-of-business challenges. 


We'll help you to facilitate your overall business, asset protection and wealth management strategy