Asset Protection

Proper business and asset holding structures have considerable intangible benefits for SMEs. Take advantage of our deep understanding of how these structures interact with accounting, taxation and legal environments. 

  • Myssy + Co provides recommendations on the suitability of various legal entities (e.g. discretionary trusts, unit trusts, companies, joint ventures, partnerships)
  • Legal structures are tailored to a client’s circumstances & objectives
  • Our trust deeds are prepared in-house by a qualified legal practitioner

Myssy + Co can advise you on the options available as you structure a business or your individual affairs. Our team can also provide advice on roles and responsibilities for each relevant structure, allowing for proper succession and estate planning.

We retain in-house legal specialists that assist organisations like yours by establishing trusts, company structures and super funds. Our professionals tailor the deeds carefully to individual entities and circumstances, ensuring that structures are compliant and fit for purpose.

Our in-house legal team can also provide advice on roles and responsibilities for each relevant position, allowing for proper succession planning. Our legal specialists can help you with establishing:

  • Trusts
  • Companies
  • Super funds
  • Not-For-Profit organisations
  • SMSF borrowing documents
    (Limited Recourse Borrowing Arrangements, Custodian Trusts, Loan Documents)

Why Myssy + Co?

Our SME clients have made us their first choice because of our progressive, proactive approach and integrated service offering, aimed at tackling their whole-of-business challenges. 


Protect what you have built, protect your business from itself, protect you from your business and protect your business from you